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For us, your home, building or any improvement work is more than just the mending the broken or fixing the problems. It is more about the love, coziness and happiness you get from it and the memories you built in it.

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And the most important of all, it is the feeling of safety it provide, therefore, we understand all your preferences and concern which we work hard to incorporate in improvement activities for your house.
At 123 tradies, we understand this idea and incorporate it in all improvement services, give you with more than just construction, paint and all required services. We are established and operate in Australia and enjoy a diverse clientele with unique requirements. But in every construction work we take; we make sure to give our 100% and always make sure that our customers get the desired results only.

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With the said mindset

With the said mindset, we provide the best quality material available around town. But we also make sure that while renovating or improving the existing house, we utilize the best material for your house so that does not require any further work and remain light on your pocket. Instead, with best materials and techniques are used at most affordable rates.
In addition to this
In addition to this, we offer our customers with professional architects and workers to design your house or building as you wish it to be designed and remain strong and safe for you and your family. The vast experience of these architects keeps them open to all customer desires, suggestions and concerns and they take care of every little aspect that is to be considered when doing any construction project.

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3 Plumbing Issues That Can Cause Your Bathroom To Smell Bad

Your grooming rituals can be badly affected if your bathroom develops a foul odor.  And when air fresheners and scented candles are incapable to curb the odor, It’s time to deep dig into the plumbing issues that are causing the problems, not only the odor but many serious issues underneath the surface. The good thing is that we know why it happens, how it happens, and how it can be undone. Check out the 3 major plumbing issues that make your bathroom smell dingy and how to fix them.

Leaked Sewerage System

A foul odor in a bathroom is a warning sign that something unpleasant is coming your way. And around 90% of the time, it’s the clogged drains and pipes that are the culprit. The p-trap could be dried out or the vent pipe is broken. The shower drains can trap sediments from hair, shower gels, dead skin, and debris. Mostly it’s something relating to the sewerage system that causes the unbearable smell. Not only a problem to your olfactory nerves, but the sewer smell can also be hazardous and cause headaches,  suffocation, unconsciousness, and nausea if you are exposed to it for long. Hire a drain cleaning Perth specialist and get the sewerage pipes checked for any leakage, debris, and deposits.

Smelly Water

If your water has a foul smell, that means its source or the pipelines are contaminated. Determine the source of the smell before calling a plumber for service. In most cases, the water is clean after running for a few minutes that would indicate a plumbing issue rather than contamination in the water source. The running or stored water may develop a chemical odor when it gets in contact with high chlorine levels. The sewer or rotten egg smell from the bathroom water is a result of breeding sulfur bacteria in it. In the case of the earthy or fishy smell, the decaying organic matter has found its way into the drain. Your unused water heater can also grow bacteria resulting in foul odors indicating the problem with the magnesium rod of your water tank.

Dried Pipes

The sewerage lines have a goose-necked pipe installed to block the sewer gas odor bulging out of the drain. When your usage of sinks or basins is infrequent, the water in the section evaporates and gives way to sewer gas into your home. It’s not just the sink, every bathroom fixture is connected to a U-shaped pipe that is attached to the wastewater pipe that leads to the main sewer system and clears up to the roof. The pipes are designed to inhale the fresh air and exhale the sewer gas out into the atmosphere. The dried pipes can disturb the whole mechanism and give way to a dingy smell in your pipe system.

Whenever a bathroom smells bad, our first intuition is towards toilet repair. Although, a variety of home remedies are available to undo the foul odors or at least reduce them for some time. But when the underground plumbing system is dysfunctional. It’s better to hire a plumber and get it fixed as soon as possible.

How Architecture Can Connect Us With Nature and Landscape

The more time we spend at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the more likely we are to reflect on how residential architecture will evolve in the future. As part of the San Francisco Design Week held last June, architect Leo Marmol of Marmol Radziner explained how indoor-outdoor lifestyles inspired by early modernist architects are particularly relevant today to promote health and well-being in the home.

«Modernism takes into accountthis notion of connection. I think it’s too easy to think of modernism as a style and reduce it to flat roofs and sterility. It’s not about that, it’s about connections. Connections with ourselves and with our families, influenced by how the interiors communicate with each other, and connections with the rhythms of the landscape outside our buildings, ”says Marmol.

Elements such as sliding patio doors, revolving doors and large windows open up the house and connect it with the surrounding nature. “The simple presence of doors and windows helps, in many ways, to create a healthier indoor environment,” says Leo Marmol. “I think that anything that allows us to see nature is beneficial.”

The Los Angeles home pictured above, designed and built by Marmol Radziner, takes full advantage of its tree-lined location nestled between a hill and canyon road in the Santa Monica Mountains. The house was designed to celebrate its natural environment and foster a strong bond between inside and outside. Most of the walls open to the landscape with glazed windows and sliding glass doors.

In this photo we can see how the house also connects to the landscape through the interior design. The dark setting gives the impression that grass and sycamore trees enter the interior living spaces, creating an almost painting-like effect. The ceiling profiles frame the landscape even more and, thanks to the orientation of the building, protect the house from the sun.

Like At The Park: Create Play Areas of 15 sqm Even on the Balcony

Having a garden in which to grow is already a great luck, but setting up a play area similar to that of the park can be a strategy to define spaces for children and stimulate them to free movement and shared play. The good news is that no large extensions are needed and even a balcony can be better organized to host moments of leisure. There are some easy things you can take care of and others that require an exterior professional.

Let’s see which games are best suited to spaces of various sizes.
Green Life

Up to 15 m². From the balcony to the small garden, to be equipped with small and removable toys Children love to be outdoors, mess with the earth and water, look at the sky in search of planes and birds to say hello. That’s why, even if you just have a balcony, it’s worth equipping it to host small outdoor play sessions.

The first requirement is safety, with suitable railings and parapets, then you can indulge yourself, even with a fake lawn carpet, some pillows and simple games. It will be an alternative to the bedroom to spend the afternoons at home.

If the sea is far away but the desire to play with buckets and molds is strong, you can set up a small sandbox. There are fixed ones, like the one in the image, made like flower beds but filled with sand instead of earth. But there are also mobile sandboxes with lids, to protect the contents from wind and rain.

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