Having a garden in which to grow is already a great luck, but setting up a play area similar to that of the park can be a strategy to define spaces for children and stimulate them to free movement and shared play. The good news is that no large extensions are needed and even a balcony can be better organized to host moments of leisure. There are some easy things you can take care of and others that require an exterior professional.

Let’s see which games are best suited to spaces of various sizes.
Green Life

Up to 15 m². From the balcony to the small garden, to be equipped with small and removable toys Children love to be outdoors, mess with the earth and water, look at the sky in search of planes and birds to say hello. That’s why, even if you just have a balcony, it’s worth equipping it to host small outdoor play sessions.

The first requirement is safety, with suitable railings and parapets, then you can indulge yourself, even with a fake lawn carpet, some pillows and simple games. It will be an alternative to the bedroom to spend the afternoons at home.

If the sea is far away but the desire to play with buckets and molds is strong, you can set up a small sandbox. There are fixed ones, like the one in the image, made like flower beds but filled with sand instead of earth. But there are also mobile sandboxes with lids, to protect the contents from wind and rain.